Communication Arts

Communication at Stritch provides a wide variety of career preparation opportunities, all offered within the broader context of the liberal arts.

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Communication at Cardinal Stritch University provides a wide variety of career preparation opportunities, all offered within the broader context of a Liberal Arts education. A communication degree from Stritch has no boundaries. It translates to multiple work environments with its foundations in interpersonal, small group, persuasive, oral, visual and written communication. Students develop understanding of and the key skill sets to work in non-profit, corporate, consumer, and mediated communication settings. Within the major, students may also choose to specialize their degree work in media, integrated marketing communication, interpersonal communications, or organizational communication. Throughout the degree program, students build a diversified portfolio demonstrating oral and written strengths, as well as problem-solving, audience analysis, interpersonal dynamics, conflict mediation, and cross-cultural and gender understanding.

Students develop professional experience through service learning within courses and through self-selected internships. Students are encouraged to complete two internships at different sites and with different job descriptions. A major in Communication will allow the student to develop the skills necessary to communicate with a variety of audiences in a variety of settings. Career options include entry-level positions in public relations, mass media, business communication, advertising, education and public service. Many of our graduates continue their education in graduate or law school, and many receive job offers from their internship sites.

A major or minor in Communication is a strong compliment to a major in Sports Management, Psychology, Theater, Art, Music, or Nursing.