History and Political Science

The study of History at Stritch prepares students for professional life.

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History explores the long‐range development through time, of every facet of human existence: society and culture, philosophy and religious beliefs, law and government, technology and economics. It is concerned with the lives of ordinary women and men, as well as heroes and leaders. It challenges students not only to accept change, but to anticipate it and deal with it creatively.

The study of history at Stritch prepares students for professional life by evoking critical thinking and reasoned judgment. It leads students to see the human dimension of issues, view contemporary events in perspective, deal critically and positively with conflicting points of view, and weigh alternatives.

Historians bring to the business world the ability to cope effectively with a great deal of material, distinguish what is important from what is inconsequential, and synthesize and represent data in a concise and clear fashion.

The department’s goals are pursued within the philosophical context of Stritch’s mission to enable students to integrate their learning into a purposeful value system that gives moral direction, professional viability, and enrichment to their lives and the lives of others. Students have an opportunity to enhance career skills through experience and training in the use of technology, including the Internet, computer databases, presentation software and other appropriate technology, as well as internships and service learning.

Students may obtain a major, minor, teacher certification (elementary - minor and secondary - broad field social studies major), and pre‐law preparation. The program also provides an integral component of the liberal arts to all colleges at Stritch.