Bachelor of Arts in Broad Field Social Studies

The Department of History and Political Science administers the degree program in Social Studies and combines the following components: History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Geography. The first four components have full departmental status; Economics is part of the Business and Economics degree program. Geography is a department not offering degrees, except as part of Social Studies and is administered out of the History and Political Science departments. The degree program in Social Studies provides a broad and integrative approach to these disciplines and can be pursued as a 34-credit bachelor of arts degree (with History concentration) or as a minimum 54-credit Broad Field Social Studies degree (with History, Political Science, or Sociology concentration) for secondary teacher certification. The Social Studies program seeks to serve the needs of students desiring the broader orientation to its respective areas rather than specialization in any one of them. In accordance with these needs, the objectives of the Social Studies program are: 1. A broad and integrated understanding of the economic, political, social and cultural bases of society, past and present; 2. An appreciation of cultural contributions, ethnic differences, human relationships and their interaction upon each other; 3. An awareness of the effects of bias and prejudice on human society, specifically providing cognitive factors for the Human Relations component of the teacher preparation programs; 4. An acquaintance with community resources that deal with issues in contemporary society and methods of dealing creatively with problem areas.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits34
Required Courses

HS 100, 201, 202, 314, 401, 402 plus five three-credit courses with one in each of the following areas: Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Economics

Required Auxiliary Courses