Bachelor of Arts in History

When you study history at Stritch, you become part of a supportive community that investigates the vibrant, various stories of human life and recognizes the lasting truths within this dynamic reality. We challenge our students to think critically as they examine and interpret the people and events of history. We teach them to evaluate conflicting points of view and to recognize and explore the many paradoxes of the human story. Budding historians at Stritch learn to handle an increasing number and variety of information sources and to analyze, synthesize and use creative ways to share this knowledge. As part of their research training at Stritch, history students sharpen their technology and communication skills using Internet tools, libraries, computer databases, social networking tools and other new media. Explore our Website and contact the Department of History & Political Science to learn about our History major, minor, teacher certification (elementary, minor, and secondary Broad Field Social Studies major), and Pre-Law advising.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits34
Required Courses

Required courses for major: HS 241, 242 and 243, 103 or 104, 201, 202, two Intercultural History courses 261-266, 402, 405, and three elective courses in history.

Required Auxiliary Courses


Additional Information

Additional Requirements for Teachers: Study of Cooperatives and Environmental Education designed to fulfill requirements of Wisconsin Statutes 118.19 (6) and Wisconsin Administrative Code 3.03 (3) 5, for teachers of Science and Social Studies. These requirements may be met by taking BL/CH 210, GE 101 or GE 102 (for environmental Studies); and EC 400 (for Cooperatives); or as directed study apart from the above courses.