Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

At Stritch, the Political Science coursework aims to increase global awareness and foster critical thinking skills by analyzing current and historical issues in American and international politics. Studying both the data and philosophy of politics, our students develop knowledge and skills that will serve them well in a wide variety of career areas: government, business, academics, law, communication, journalism, interest groups and social work. Many courses include opportunities for experiential and service-learning that can lead to later employment opportunities. We integrate throughout the curriculum the concept of "transformational politics" where students set goals to solve political problems and become empowered, active citizens of the U.S. and the globe. Political science students at Stritch learn strategies for coping with the ever-increasing number and variety of information available. Students are required to analyze, synthesize and find creative ways to communicate their knowledge. As part of their research training, Stritch political science students hone their skills in technology and communication using tools provided by libraries, the Internet, computer databases and other new media. Students may obtain a major or minor in political science. Three tracks are available in the major: American politics, pre-law and international politics.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits34
Required Courses

POLS 102, POLS 201, POLS 206, POLS 305, POLS 401, POLS 402

Required Auxiliary Courses

MT 120

Additional Information

All majors must take three credits in an approved internship/study abroad.