Minors in Foreign Language

Requirements for a minor in Foreign Language.

(Exclusive of 101, 102)

Required courses for the minor*: 201, 202, 203, 204 or 205, 306 or 309, 310 and any other upper division courses (300 or 400) to attain 21 credits.

An immersion experience (SPN 310) is required for a minor. Since the following Advanced core certificate courses in the Modern Languages Department are taught in English, students minoring in Spanish can only count one of the following towards their minor: SPN 300, SPN 312, or SPN 313.

The Secondary Teaching minor and the Elementary Certification Teaching minor require 307, 345 and EDSED 275, EDSED 395.  These courses are required for the elementary certification minor.

All students (Major or Minor) must pass the Departmental Oral Proficiency Assessment before student teaching or graduation.