Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

The Computer Science major gives students knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century technology-centered workplace. Hands-on experience with appropriate technologies is integral to the computer science program. In many of the Computer Science courses students work in teams to solve larger problems. In this way, they develop skills for working on project teams, which is valuable experience for careers. Computer Science majors are strongly advised to get job-related experience through computer projects and/or internships that take place in the world beyond the classroom. Because concepts in computer science are deeply rooted in mathematics, Computer Science majors are advised to complete the calculus requirement early in their program. Teacher certification in Computer Science is available at the Early Adolescence/Adolescence (grades 9–12) level.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits43
Required Courses

CS 212, 213, 305, 306, 315, 361, 401, 402, 407, and 415. Required mathematics course: MT 210. At least nine credits of additional elective courses, chosen with faculty guidance, are required to complete the major.  These electives may be chosen to complete one or more concentrations.  Concentrations currently recognized by the department include: Web Application Development (CS 230, CS 240, CS 330), Game Development (CS 118, CS 250, CS 405), and Computational Modeling (MT 211, MT 365, MT 410).  Check with the department for the complete list.

Required Auxiliary Courses

Additional Information

An internship experience of at least two credits (CS 402) is required. CS 401 is a capstone course in the major that is normally taken in the last semester (or last year) of upper‐division course work in the major. CS 401 is offered annually in the spring, so December graduates must take this in the spring before their last semester. Students intending to pursue a major in computer science are encouraged to take CS 118 as their first computer science course and those who are planning to go on to further study are strongly encouraged to take MT 211.  All computer science majors are encouraged to take a minor in a supporting field such as mathematics.