Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Mathematics majors are prepared for the teaching profession, the business world, or graduate school.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits37
Required Courses

MT 210, 211, 212, 315, 320, 325, 365, 401, and at least three additional 400‐level MT courses numbered above MT 402 selected with faculty guidance. Students must take at least one two‐semester sequence: (MT 365, 470) or (MT 325, 425). MT 401 is a capstone course in the major that is normally taken in the last semester of upper‐division course work in the major. MT 401 is offered annually in the spring, so December graduates must take this in the spring before their last semester.

Required Auxiliary Courses


Additional Information

Students seeking teacher certification in mathematics for grades 6‐12 follow the same requirements as the Mathematics major, plus MT 103 and ED 432.