Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers several programs in mathematics and computer science, which are designed to reflect the most current developments within the disciplines and to prepare students for a wide variety of careers.

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In most of our courses, students are expected to make use of computers, calculators, and other modern technologies to explore and experiment with important ideas and to develop a deep understanding of underlying concepts and problem‐solving strategies. Teamwork, particularly in larger problem‐solving experiences, is required in most of our courses. Students are encouraged to participate in internship opportunities and pre‐professional activities.

Mathematics majors are prepared for the teaching profession, the business world, or graduate school. The department offers a strong minor in mathematics, which may be combined with College of Education and Leadership and Department of Public Instruction requirements for teacher certification at the Early Childhood/Middle Childhood (grades Pre‐K–6) and/or Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence (grades 1–8) levels. These certification programs are approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Mathematics major is required for students seeking teacher certification in Mathematics at the Early Adolescence/Adolescence (grades 6–12) level.

The Computer Science major gives students knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century technology‐centered workplace. Hands‐on experience with appropriate technologies is integral to the computer science program. In many of the computer science courses, students work in teams to solve larger problems. In this way, they develop skills for working on project teams, providing valuable experience for careers. Computer Science majors are strongly advised to get job‐related experience through computer projects and/or internships that take place in the world beyond the classroom. Because concepts in computer science are deeply rooted in mathematics, Computer Science majors are advised to complete the calculus requirement early in their program. The major provides the flexibility to allow students to pursue one or more concentrations as they explore the various sub-disciplines within computer science.

Teacher certification in computer science is available at the Early Adolescence/Adolescence (grades 6–12) level.

A minor in computer science complements a variety of majors, and prepares students to work in a computer‐centered work environment. Students majoring in mathematics and/or business are particularly encouraged to complete a Computer Science minor.

The department also offers a strong minor in mathematics that serves as a good balance to a variety of majors. The Mathematics minor prepares one for a lifetime of learning and exploration. The minor in mathematics is designed to enable a student with a significant interest in mathematics to deepen his/her knowledge while pursuing a concentration in another field such as the Natural Sciences, Education, Computer Science, Accounting, etc.