Modern Languages and Culture

The Modern Languages and Culture Department offers language courses and study in German, Italian and French.

The Modern Languages and Culture Department Languages offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. A Spanish immersion experience is required for a major and a minor. This requirement is usually satisfied during the junior year or senior year in either the fall or spring semester. Under the guidance of a faculty member and approval of the department, the student will be able to choose from a variety of options to fulfill this requirement. Some of the options include: studying abroad, volunteering or doing an internship in a Spanish-speaking country or at a local Latino community organization. This immersion experience will allow the student to apply learned language skills to real life situations and will be tailored to meet the needs and interests of each one of the majors and minors.  In the past, Stritch students have studied abroad and volunteered in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.  Others have worked for immigration offices or teaching Spanish to adults in the Milwaukee area.

The objectives of language studies are to enable students to communicate effectively through development of skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing the language, as well as to understand and appreciate the values of cultures and worldviews that differ from their own. Foreign language study increases students’ awareness of their own values and beliefs. Classes in literature and civilization acquaint students with the masterpieces in the foreign culture.