Music Minor

Requirements for a minor in Music.

The Music minor is open by auditions to all University students.

Program Requirement: 19 credits

The Music minor prepares students to supplement their major and broaden their marketable skills upon graduation. The knowledge and insights gained through music study can lead to enhanced credentials and career opportunities, especially in the field of education.

Applicants for the music minor are required to pass an audition with the Music department chair.

Required courses for minor: Music Theory/Ear Training (4 credits), Music History (3 credits), Applied Lesson (6 credits), Group Piano (6 credits) (non-piano), Advanced Piano Practicum (6 credits) (piano), large ensemble (4 semesters) and Recital Seminar (4 semesters). The Concert Choir participation (0 credit, 4 semesters) is required for voice minors. The Chamber Ensembles participation (0 credit, 4 semesters) is required for instrument minors.