Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. It is a vast modern science that studies diverse subject matter.

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At Stritch, students in the Psychology department investigate topics such as why people fall in love, what triggers schizophrenia, how a single brain cell fires, how Olympic hopefuls train by mentally rehearsing difficult acrobatic routines, the management of the daily stressors, and the different ways in which gender and cultural issues impinge upon behavior.

In a sense, each of us is a psychologist at heart. We all observe human behavior and may wonder why people and animals behave as they do. The discipline of psychology provides us with the scientific tools to evaluate theories and research the "hows and whys" of behavior. It also provides us with the skills to apply research findings to the promotion of human and animal welfare.

The Psychology department at Stritch also offers a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology.  The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Clinical Psychology program strives to develop competent health care providers who are critical thinkers, intelligent consumers of research, and skilled providers of psychological services in a variety of health care settings.  Integration of science and practice, ethics, and diversity issues are infused in all courses. The program is designed to prepare individuals for employment in a variety of mental health settings and/or a doctoral program.