Minor in Psychology

The Psychology Department also has a strong minor available to majors in other disciplines. Majors for which Psychology is frequently taken as a minor are: Education, Art, Business, Sociology, Religious Studies, Communication Arts, and Nursing.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits25
Required Courses

General Psychology, Research Methods, and History and Systems of Psychology.

A minimum of five (5) psychology elective courses can be taken in the following subject areas: developmental psychology, clinical counseling psychology, diversity issues (including Cross Cultural Psychology, Psychology of Gender, LGBT Studies), biological psychology (including Drugs & Behavior; Health Psychology, Human Sexuality), and social psychology. 

Required Auxiliary Courses

MT 120 Applied Statistics

Additional Information

Psychologystudents take a rich combination of theory and practitioner-based courses and experimental design courses as part of the major and minor. Students are able to design their own research studies, as well as work with faculty on faculty research projects.  Many psychology students participate in regional psychology conferences.

A minimum GPA of 2.75 (B/B- average) in combined psychology courses is required to graduate with a psychology major or minor.