Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies offerings provide a balanced selection of upper division courses that enable students to acquire a more in‐depth background as a major or minor in Religious Studies. Students who major in Religious Studies are prepared to pursue various careers ranging from teaching to parish or societal ministries.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits34
Required Courses

REL 101, REL 201, REL 208, REL 308 (or REL 304), REL 350, REL 401. The remaining 16 credits toward the major in religious studies are electives. The Religious Studies department recommends any of the following courses as part of the student’s electives: any advanced Scripture courses, REL 210, 212, 303, 405.

Required Auxiliary Courses

Religious Studies majors are also required to take a one extra Philosophy course and one extra History course in addition to the required two courses in Philosophy and one course in History as part of their core for the Bachelor of Arts degree.