Master of Arts in Ministry

Stritch’s Master of Arts (M.A.) in Ministry is designed for those pursuing careers in church or societal ministries in the Protestant tradition or the Catholic tradition. The M.A. in Ministry degree will enhance or advance your career in positions such as Youth Ministry Director, Campus Ministries, Health Care Ministries and Correctional Ministries. Students in the program earn 16 credits in the core curriculum, which consists of introductory courses in Scripture, Church History, Pastoral Theology and Systematic Theology. Included in the core curriculum are four one-credit formation courses dealing specifically with human, spiritual and pastoral formation. Students also earn 11 elective credits, which allow for concentration in a pastoral area of interest. A pastoral project and written and oral comprehensive exams comprise the final three credits of the program.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits30
Required Courses

RS 571, 572, 573, 574, 591, 592, 593, 594

Required Auxiliary Courses


Additional Information

To qualify for graduation from the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Ministry/Lay Ministries programs, you must: •Complete the coursework with at least a 3.0 overall grade point average with no individual course below a B-. Any course grade below a B- will not count toward the 30 credit requirement. •Complete and present to the religious studies faculty a final pastoral project. •Passoral and written comprehensive examinations. •Obtain a faculty recommendation for graduation. •Complete all requirements within seven consecutive academic years.