Philosophy Minor

Requirements for a minor in Philosophy.

Required courses in Philosophy are designed to invite students into a dialogue with major thinkers in their common search for meaning and direction. Students are challenged not only to learn how others have responded to the great questions of human existence, but also to examine their own lives and approaches to these issues. All students are required to take PL 204.

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts students are required to take one of the following: PL 203, PL 302, PL 306. Bachelor of Science in Nursing students follow departmental guidelines.

Courses in Philosophy provide an excellent preparation for postā€graduate studies in the humanities, social services and law. A student may attain a minor in Philosophy by completing 15 credits beyond the two core courses.

Minor Requirements: Aminimum of 18 credits including at least one but no more than two of the following: PL 101, PL 102, PL 104 or Moral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues.