Religious Studies Minor

Requirements for a minor in Religious Studies.

Religious Studies minors are required to take 21 credits (seven courses):

Requirements for the Religious Studies minor are built around four learning outcomes all students should achieve:

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with various religious traditions by articulating a foundational knowledge of the Christian tradition and an introductory knowledge of a tradition other than the student’s own
  2. Begin to apply various critical lenses of awareness (e.g., historical, cultural, contemporary, ethical, spiritual, scientific, secular) in religious/theological thinking and ritualizing
  3. Relate and apply religious understanding and Franciscan values to contemporary issues and problems of human concern
  4. Understand religious diversity as a dimension of a globalized society

The information regarding learning outcomes for the Religious Studies major also applies to the minor.

  • 2 courses from Learning Outcome 1: REL 103, REL 104, REL 209, REL 212, REL 316
  • 3 courses from Learning Outcome 2: REL 106, REL 225, REL 226, REL 227, REL 230, REL 313, REL 320, REL 405, REL 411
  • 1 course from Learning Outcome 3: REL 105, REL 220, REL 343, REL 345, REL 350, REL 356, REL 360, REL 465, REL 468
  • 1 course from Learning Outcome 4: REL 243, REL 312, REL 321, REL 322

Religious Studies minors are not required to take a Capstone course.