Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management

The Sport Management major provides students with an applied business degree for the sport environment/industry. Majors acquire a strong foundation in management, finance, accounting, marketing, communications, ethics and legal aspects of business. Specific courses in sport management provide students with an understanding of the role of sport in society, the role of management in sport, and opportunities to apply their knowledge in sport‐related organizations. Students supplement classroom teaching with a variety of practical experiences through academic service learning and field experience by working in sport management settings. Students in sport management gain both knowledge and practical experience, which are necessary for their future success in a variety of sport management careers.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits42
Required Courses

SSM 106, 201, 210, 236, 242, 243, 303, 312, 320, 345, 405, 406, 444.

Required Auxiliary Courses

AC 201