Bachelor of Arts in Theater

Three degree options are available: B.A. in Theater with an Acting/Technical Theater concentration, B.A. in Theater with a Musical Theater concentration and Theater: Middle/Secondary Teaching Certification. Students are introduced to the origins and major developments in theater history, dramatic literature, and criticism and theory. Course work is augmented with three productions each year in the Nancy Kendall Theater, including a major musical, and one additional production in the Studio Theater as well as a variety of additional opportunities in the Studio Theater program. Teaching certification is available and professional work in the theater can be pursued with additional training in a conservatory setting or graduate school.

Degree Requirements

Program Credits42
Required Courses

Theater Major with an Acting/Technical Theater concentration: 40 credits

Required courses for the theater core (25 credits): THR 103, 104, 201, 202, 208, 220, 303, 315, 401

 Required courses for the concentration (15 credits): THR 213, 214, 304, 402, 405


Theater Major with a Musical Theater concentration: 41 credits

Required courses for the theater core (25 credits): THR 103, 104, 201, 202, 208, 220, 303, 315, 401

Required courses for the concentration (16 credits): THR 105, 106, 107, 301, 4 credits total in Voice (any combination of MU 150, MU 250, MU 350 or MU 450), 3 credits total in Piano (MU 111 or MU 200 or a combination of MU 130, MU 230, MU 330, or MU 430), 4 semesters of participation in MU 131


Middle/Secondary Certification

Required courses for middle/secondary certification/theater: THR 100 (two semesters of ½  credit), 103, 104, 200 (two semesters of ½  credit), 201, 202, 208, 213, 220, 300 or 400 (one credit), 303, 304, 315, 401, 402, 405

Required Auxiliary Courses

Additional Information

Theater Major/Musical Theater Concentration: The Theater Major with a concentration in Musical Theater is designed to prepare students for careers in musical theater, or to pursue further study in graduate school. Within a liberal arts context, the program balances the practical with the theoretical combining strong training in performance skills (piano, speaking, singing, dancing and acting) with academic study in music theory, ear training, musical theater history and technical theater. Students will apply their skills by participation in an annual musical in the Nancy Kendall Theater and in a yearly cabaret/showcase in the studio theater. Course work and performance will be supplemented with local theater professionals who will be brought to campus as guest instructors and visiting artists to share their expertise with students.