Bachelor of Arts in Art Education K-12

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education provides studio art and design coursework, classroom art methods and curriculum design strategies for teaching art in Kindergarten through 12 th  grade. Art studio courses include drawing, painting, digital design, photography, sculpture and ceramics. The art education student will experience academic and practicum experiences in both public and private school environments. In addition to their art courses, art education students complete their certification requirements in the College of Education and Leadership. (See College of Education and Leadership for certification requirements) Apply Now to this Program

Degree Requirements

Program Credits57
Required Courses

Visual Art Core (18 credits): ART 101, 115, 123, 131, 147, 150; Art History (12 credits): ART 141, 142, 215 or 249, 344; Art Studio (18 credits): ART 111, 125, 129, 133, 135 or CS 118, ART 223 or 225; Art Methods/Curriculum (6 credts): ED 318, ART 453; Senior Seminar ( 3 credits): ART 447; Exhibit is required

Required Auxiliary Courses