Bachelor of Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art provides a broad liberal education with an emphasis in interdisciplinary studio art and design. In addition, this major enables the student to select (with department advising) a minor area of study which best fits with their career objectives. Apply Now to this Program

Degree Requirements

Program Credits36
Required Courses

Visual Art Core:                   (18 cr) ART 101,115, 123, 131,147, and 150

Studio Art courses:             (9 cr) Choose three courses from ART 111, 125, 129, 133, 223

Art History:                          (6 cr) Choose two courses from ART 141, 142, 344 or 415

Senior Seminar:                   (3 cr) ART 447

Exhibit:                                  Required

Required Auxiliary Courses


Additional Information

The Bachelor of Arts candidate in Art can add a concentration of courses in the area of Photography or Interdisciplinary Studio Art. 

A concentration in Photography will provide you with knowledge and skills in a broad range of photographic media that include film techniques, digital photography and image management, studio and location lighting methods and best business practices. You will be introduced to career options in photography through hands on course work that will connect you to the professional photography and design community.

Photography Concentration (17 credits)

ART 211 (3 cr)

ART 202 (3 cr)

ART 210 (3 cr)

ART 311 (3 cr)

ART 402 (2 cr)

ART 411 (3 cr)


Interdisciplinary Studio Art Concentration (17 credits)

This concentration provides the candidate the opportunity to take additional intermediate level courses in drawing, sculpture, painting, digital imaging or ceramics.  Your concentration will be designed based on you areas of interest and the availability of course offerings on the schedule. ART 402 Gallery Internship (2 cr) would be the only requirement and the remainder of your credits will be selected through your art advisor.