Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (72 Cr)

The Graphic Design major at Cardinal Stritch University recognizes and embodies the importance of educating students for an increasing complex world and across multiple platforms. In an ever increasingly globalized economy, a liberal arts education supports the expansion and deepening of the designers understanding of their work - and creative practice - within the broader context of a democratic society.

This bridge between multiple fields such as technology, business, education, and psychology creates a rich environment for designers to experience how their work shapes the local, regional, and global economy. Creating more perceptive, critical, and creative thinkers, it allows designers to transcend vocational utility to recognize and grapple with challenges that are presented to them in their lives, personally, and professionally.

The Graphic Design majors begins with a comprehensive education in design principles, applications, theories, history, and practice. The curriculum embraces emerging technologies and the convergence of graphic design, photography, studio arts, and digital and time-based media. Students work independently, in teams, and closely with faculty, and are introduced to increasingly complex graphic communication, design problems, and methodologies. 

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Degree Requirements

Program Credits72
Required Courses

Visual arts core:  (18 cr) ART 101, 115, 123, 131, 147, 150

Graphic Design Core:  (9  cr) ART 111, 202, 239

Graphic Design Major:  (27 cr) ART 205, 211, 302, 305, 311, 402, 405, 406, 447.

Art History:  (9 cr) Choose three courses from ART 141,142, 344 or 415

Electives:  (9 cr) ART 210 or 301 and two courses outside of major. Suggested courses include: BU 105, BU 228, CS 118, CS 230, EN 216, THR 220 or THR 225.   

Exhibit:  Required

Required Auxiliary Courses