Business Advisory Boards

CBM Advisory Board

Overview: The Cardinal Stritch University College of Business and Management (CBM) Advisory Board plays a vital role in the current and future life of the College. Board members not only provide counsel and connections for the CBM Dean, but they are also challenged to invest in Stritch’s learning community through personal engagement with students, faculty and alumni. CBM board members are advocates and exemplars of the College’s mission and vision and are committed to the idea that members of the business community can and should be leaders who value people, profit and planet.

Purpose: The overarching purpose of the CBM Advisory Board is to serve as a resource to the CBM Dean in determining the strategic direction of the College. Further, board members are charged with supporting the Dean in creating and sustaining business programs that are rigorous, innovative and responsive to student and employer needs, as well as to local and global market and hiring trends. One specific area of interest for Advisory Boards is to determine pathways to grow community-campus partnerships. For more information about the College’s approach to partnerships click here.

College Mission: To prepare adaptive business leaders for the 21st Century shaped by a Franciscan moral worldview who balance people, planet and profit in service to a greater good. Our graduates use their innovative, global, cross-cultural, collaborative, and critical thinking abilities to advance corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

College Vision: To become the best choice business school in the Midwest, known for innovative best practices, where the student experience forms the basis for all decision-making.

Guiding Principles:

  • Accreditation creates the urgency and reason for change.
  • Best practices lead to academic excellence and next practices.
  • Strategic “market” agility requires adaptation, innovation and flexibility.
  • The “Student Experience” is at the heart of decision making.
  • Capital and intellectual investment fuels success.