AS Business

The Associate of Science with Concentration in Business degree program is designed for adult learners who wish to relate their practical career experience to business and management theory. The program is offered face to face and also online.

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The program is designed to help students acquire skills and knowledge essential in the business world, while providing a strong background in liberal arts. The program introduces students to the basic structure of the business world.

Business Management Topics covered include: Oral and Written Communications, Economics, Applied Math for Business, Self-Leadership, Introduction to Business, Management, Leadership and Sustainable Practice, 21st Century IT Literacy and Capstone Experience: Integrated Simulation for 21st Century Learners. Ethics and Global concepts are woven into each course throughout the curriculum

Also included in the program sequence are liberal arts courses covering environmental science, social sciences, and humanities.

The core curriculum is structured sequentially, with students taking one course at a time. Courses involve four-hour class sessions once a week, with 3 hours of face to face class time and one hour online or 4 hours of online study in class sections of 6 weeks. Participants also form study groups made up of three to five students who meet inside and outside of class to work on assigned individual and group assignments.