Degree Requirements

B.A. International Business

International Business Major: 47 credits (44 department credits, 3 auxiliary credits)

Required courses: AC 201, 202; BU 228, 235, 311, 340, 400, 401; EC 201, 202, 341 plus one of BU 105 or 205, 301, 304, 307, 308 and two chosen from BU 344, 346, 348 or CA 331.

Required auxiliary course: MT 120; plus the following requirements:  one semester of an international study abroad, foreign language and internationally related social science and humanities courses.

International Study and Field Experience: It is required that the student participate in a Stritch approved semester education abroad program during the junior or senior year. The program will be worked out with the student’s business advisor and the International Education Office.

Language: All students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. This can be accomplished by taking two (or more) advanced courses in language (200 level or above) and earning a grade of “C-” or better. It may also be demonstrated through CLEP examination, transfer credits, or other approved methods of certification as determined by the department chair. (6 credits)

Social Science and Humanities: Two appropriate internationally related courses from social science and humanities areas, chosen in consultation with the advisor, are required. These courses can also meet the Liberal Arts core Requirement. 

International Business Minor: 29 credits (26 department credits, 3 auxiliary credits)

Required courses for Minor: AC 201, 202; BU 235, 340; EC 201, 202, 341 and one of BU 344, 346, and 348; EC 310, 350.

Required auxiliary course: MT 120