Degree Requirements

B.A. International Business

International Business Major: 47 credits (44 department credits, 3 auxiliary credits)

Required courses: AC 201, 202; BU 228, 235, 311, 340, 400, 401; EC 201, 202, 341 plus one of BU 105, 301, 307, 308 and two chosen from BU 344, 346, 348; EC 310.

Required auxiliary course: MT 120

International Study and Field Experience: It is required that the student participate in a Stritch approved semester education abroad program during the Junior or Senior year. The program will be worked out with the student’s major advisor and the International Education Office.

Language: All students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. This can be accomplished by taking two (or more) advanced courses in language (200 level or above) and earning a grade of “C-” or better. It can also be demonstrated through CLEP examination, transfer credits, or other approved methods of certification. (6 credits)

Social Science and Humanities: Two appropriate internationally related courses, chosen in consultation with the advisor, are required. These courses can also meet the Liberal Arts “core” Requirement. 

International Business Minor: 29 credits (26 department credits, 3 auxiliary credits)

Required courses for Minor: AC 201, 202; BU 235, 340; EC 201, 202, 341 and one of BU 344, 346, and 348; EC 310, 350.

Required auxiliary course: MT 120