B.S. Human Services Management

MGT 306 Principles of Self-Management

MGT 460 Business Ethics

ASB 101 Writing and Reading with a Purpose

HSM 468 Legal Issues in Human Services Field

MGT 301 Critical Thinking and Writing

HSM 370 Principles and Trends in Human Services

ASB 115 Introduction to Microeconomics

ASB 116 Introduction to Macroeconomics

HSM 408 Management and Supervision for Human Service Professionals

ASB 151 Applied Math for Business I

ASB 152 Applied Math for Business II

MGT 323 Statistics and Data Interpretation

MGT 445 Human Resource Management II

HSM 454 Communications and Grant Writing

ASB 205 Accounting I: Financial Accounting

HSM 451 Finance and Budgeting for Human Services Organizations

HSM 429 Marketing and Fundraising for Human Services Organizations 

HSM 491 Capstone: Human Services Strategy