BS Management

The Bachelor of Science in Management places a special emphasis on the knowledge and skills essential for the management of human resources in private and public organizations.

Face to Face Program Online Program

Providing a comprehensive, practical background in the social and management sciences, the program provides course work in the following areas: oral and written communications; leadership, human resources management, organizational behavior and business ethics; management information systems, statistics, and marketing; and financial planning and control.

The core curriculum of the program is structured sequentially, with students taking one course at a time. Courses involve four-hour class sessions once a week, usually for five weeks. Participants also form study groups made up of three to five students who meet outside of class for four hours on a weekly basis to work on assigned individual and group projects. At the end of the program, students complete a capstone course that integrates material from the previous course work through a focus on strategic organizational leadership and includes the completion of a major paper addressing an issue, problem, or concern in the student’s work environment.

Students obtain a Bachelor of Science in Management degree by using the management core to build upon other traditional and non-traditional learning experiences. A total of 120 undergraduate credits is required for the B.S.M. degree.