B.S. Management

MGT 306 Principles of Self-Management

MGT 460 Business Ethics

ASB 101 Writing and Reading with a Purpose

MGT 430 Introduction to Management Information Systems

MGT 301 Critical Thinking and Writing

MGT 405 Management and Leadership

ASB 151 Applied Math for Business I

ASB 152 Applied Math for Business II

ADM 321 Statistics I

MGT 426 Marketing

ASB 115 Introduction to Microeconomics

ASB 116 Introduction to Macroeconomics

MGT 461 Communication for Management and Business

MGT 435 Organizational Behavior

ASB 205 Accounting I: Financial Accounting

MGT 450 Financial Planning and Control Systems

MGT 445 Human Resource Management II

MGT 459 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

MGT 499 Capstone: Strategic Organizational Leadership