BS Public Safety Management

The Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management is designed especially for law enforcement, fire, corrections, and emergency services personnel, and has a special emphasis on the knowledge and skills essential for the management of resources in public and private organizations.

To meet the needs of law enforcement and fire service personnel who work irregular hours, the courses in the major are offered online, as well as in a traditional classroom setting.

The program provides coursework in the following areas: leadership, ethics, human resource management, organizational behavior, statistics, and communication.

The core curriculum is structured sequentially, with students taking one course at a time. At the end of the course sequence, students are required to complete a capstone course which integrates materials from all of the previous coursework through a focus on leadership strategies in a public safety organization.

In the online format, students log in to their class at the time most convenient for them each week, using such techniques as discussion boards and structured online chats to meet course requirements. The online classes will be taught primarily by practitioners in public safety fields.