B.S.Strategic Management of Information Systems

MGT 306 Principles of Self-Management

MGT 460 Business Ethics

ASB 101 Writing and Reading with a Purpose

MGT 430 Introduction to Management Information Systems

MGT 301 Critical Thinking and Writing

MGT 405 Management and Leadership

ASB 151 Applied Math for Business I

ASB 152 Applied Math for Business II

SMS 403 Introduction to Project Management of Information Systems

SMS 423 Business Data Communications

ASB 115 Introduction to Microeconomics

ASB 116 Introduction to Macroeconomics

SMS 441 Database Management

SMS 427 Marketing for the Information Age

ASB 205 Accounting I: Financial Accounting

MGT 450 Financial Planning &Control Systems

SMS 439 Systems Analysis and Design

SMS 449 Enterprise Resource Planning

SMS 494 Capstone: Strategic Management of Information Systems