MS Management

The Master of Science in Management (M.S.M.) degree program focuses on the emerging field of the development of organizations.

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Students explore in depth basic management functions and learn how effective leadership can encourage the achievement of organizational objectives.

The program helps students analyze the language, concepts, and tools of accounting and finance, and enables them to develop skills and concepts needed to manage information technology effectively and efficiently. Applied case studies enable students to think critically and creatively about implementing management strategies in a changing environment.

Dealing with individual and group behaviors within an organization, the core curriculum focuses on human resource management as it contributes to productivity, quality, and achieving organizational objectives. Students learn the dynamics of team work, participate in a community service project, and apply statistical tools in the analysis of data which support quality effectiveness initiatives. A major component of the program is the exploration of ethical and social issues that students may encounter as managers.

Students engage in problem-solving and decision making in developing and facing entrepreneurial opportunities for competitive advantage and organizational success. In the final course, students integrate concepts learned throughout the M.S.M. degree program and learn to address strategic challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in an environment of constant change.