About the College

The College of Education and Leadership comprises three specialized schools: the School of Education, the School of Leadership and the School of Urban Initiatives.

The three schools are united by a common mission, which is to transform lives and communities by preparing leaders for learning and service.

School of Education

The School of Education strives to prepare educators to be truly responsive to those they serve. Our innovative programs are designed to be responsive to the needs of our students.

We offer programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of disciplines, as well as a selection of extended certification programs.

School of Leadership

The School of Leadership's mission is to prepare and sustain leaders who are catalysts for positive transformation of individuals, organizations and communities. The School offers degree programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

The School of Leadership's service arm is the Leadership Center, which nurtures and enhances leadership in the educational, political, charitable, and corporate sectors through programs, workshops, conferences, and speakers. In addition, the Principals' Center offers leadership development opportunities to practitioners in the field.

School of Urban Initiatives

School of Urban Initiatives strives to serve those communities that otherwise would not be served. Through the School's various programs, our students and faculty partner with outside agencies that serve inner-city populations, work to address reading and language difficulties, mentor student teachers and educators already in the field, and work with principals to help ensure success in urban schools. Our goal is to face urban challenges head on.