Mentors/University Supervisors

University supervisors/mentors at Cardinal Stritch University provide support and guidance to student teachers as they journey into the culminating experience in their teacher preparation.

The conceptual framework in the College of Education and Leadership is devoted to bridging knowledge, practice, and service for the transformation of lives and communities. Therefore, the university supervisor/mentor, in conjunction with the cooperating teacher, creates a working relationship based on mutual respect and understanding for each other's expertise, perspectives, and roles. This is critical to successful completion of the teacher preparation program.

Current Mentors/University Supervisors

  • Tuwania Anderson, Urban Special Education 
  • Mary Jane Berndt, Urban Education
  • Bette Brandenburg, Urban Education
  • Estell Bridgewaters, Urban Special Education
  • Carla Brott, Urban Special Education
  • Craig Campbell, Elementary Education
  • Kristi Davis, Special Education, Elementary Education, & Middle Education
  • Rick Drida, Urban Special Education
  • Shanna Eger, Urban Education
  • Ilene Ehr, Special Education & Urban Special Education
  • Paula Ferrara-Parrish, Elementary Education & Special Education
  • Jeff Garthee, Music Education & Elementary Education
  • Jane Glodoski, Urban Special Education
  • Marian Graeven Peter, Early Childhood & Urban Special Education
  • Cheryl Haun, Early Childhood
  • Gordy Hess, Elementary Education & Special Education
  • Kristen Hurt, Early Childhood
  • Kim Kaukl, Elementary Education & Middle Education
  • Paul Keats, Elementary Education & Secondary Education 
  • Gene Kelber, Urban Special Education
  • Mike Koren, Social Studies
  • Amy Merow, Early Childhood
  • Cheryl Moser, Early Childhood Education
  • Adrienne Nerad, Special Education
  • Bob Nerad, Elementary Education & Secondary Education
  • Joanna Parlee, Urban Education
  • Andrew Patterson, Urban Education
  • Peter Piaskoski, English
  • Peter Pingatore, Elementary Education & Special Education
  • Kathy Rich, Special Education
  • Kate Robertson, Urban Education
  • Caryl Schmidlin, Urban Education
  • Rhonda Schoonover, Literacy & Elementary Education
  • Renee Schultz, Math Education & Bilingual Education
  • Gretchen Seamons, Gloabal Languages
  • Pat Seghers, Elementary Education & Special Education
  • Patti Sereno, Urban Education
  • Marty Solorzano, Bilingual Education
  • Cathy Taft, Global Languages
  • Terry Thomas, Elementary
  • Marge Willms, Early Childhood
  • Joan Wirth, Global Languages
  • MaryAnn Wulff, Elementary


*All Pathway evaluations should be completed on LiveText. No paper evaluations will be accepted.