Principal Induction Program

The Principal Induction Program at Stritch is an interactive series of workshops for principals and their mentors, designed to assist school site administrators with the skills and processes necessary to successfully lead their schools.

The program is open to principals and associate principals and is aligned with Wisconsin Administrative Standards and PI 34 requirements of a trained mentor for Initial Administrators.

A total of 100% of respondents of the 2010-11 end of program survey rated the workshops seminars as excellent, very good or good with each of the six workshops receiving an average rating of 7 or higher on an 8 point scale. In addition, 100% of the respondents recommend this program to other principals, new or veteran.

The Principal Induction Program will provide:

  • Structured presentations and interactions with experienced educational leaders
  • Authentic learning through problem-focused school improvement experiences
  • Regularly scheduled coaching support
  • High-quality training for mentors

Workshops for new principals and their mentors will be focused on applying critical leadership components, including:

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Relationships and Change
  • Supervision and Evaluation
  • Crucial Conversations and Conflict Resolution
  • Data and Data Analysis

Mentors will be taught coaching techniques, a highly effective form of professional development. Effective mentoring can help set new goals, identify strategies and timeliness for reaching those goals, and can help leaders identify and overcome barriers in order to improve achievement for students at all levels.

The Principal Induction Program will focus on improving the leadership effectiveness of principals and mentors in three ways:

  • Mentoring/Coaching: Mentors will learn specific techniques for coaching colleagues to improve student achievement
  • Guided Practice: Principals will apply learning within their own environments
  • Support: Principals will have an opportunity to work within small groups in which participants have similar positions

Workshops will be facilitated by educational leaders and faculty from Cardinal Stritch University and practicing administrators from area schools.

Course Dates

  • Dec. 4, 2012
  • Jan. 22. 2013
  • Feb. 26, 2013
  • April 9, 2013

This workshop meets for five full Tuesdays, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Cardinal Stritch University's City Center, 1037 W. McKinley Ave.

Each workshop will feature a different leadership topic. Each afternoon will include training for the mentors and application within small groups for the new site administrators.

Workshop and Course Requirements

  • Mentors will support a new school administrator in instructional change
  • School administrators will apply best practices within the school organization
  • New principals and mentors must register for program as a team

For more information about the program, contact Lisa Gies, director, at (414) 410-4468 or Pang Xiong, operations assistant, at (414) 410-4374.