Principals' Center

Providing unique learning opportunities designed by and for school leaders.

The Principals’ Center is founded on the belief that school leaders who are purposeful, passionate, and reflective about their work, and who are engaged in sustained exchange of ideas with colleagues, have greater potential to transform schools to ensure student achievement.

To encourage school leaders to actively engage in leadership development, the Principals’ Center will:

  • sponsor and lead workshops, conversations, and reflection, based on current research and best practice
  • provide opportunities to build collegial relationships
  • promote the mutual exchange of ideas relevant to professional growth
  • engage the Cardinal Stritch University Master's in Educational Leadership students and College of Education and Leadership faculty in a mutual exchange of ideas with school leaders so that all will learn from one another
  • support school leaders in facilitating effective practice that positively impacts student achievement

The Principals’ Center is governed by a board of directors whose members are practicing or retired school leaders and a faculty liaison from the University.

Programs and Services

Participation in the programs/services organized and sponsored by the Principals’ Center is open to all leaders of public, parochial, and private K-12 schools/districts. Many Principals' Center programs carry the option for participants to earn graduate credits from the University. For more information on Principals' Center programs, please click on any of the links on the left side of this page.

Questions about the Principals’ Center and its programs/services can be directed to any member of the Board of Directors or to Patty Polczynski, faculty liaison, at or (414) 410-4586.

Upcoming Events

2015/16 Principals' Center Breakfast Series: The Curious Educator

October 15, 2015 -  Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: Strategies for Curious Leaders

  • Jim Rickabaugh, Director, Personalized Learning Institute: CESA 1
  • Essential Question: What role must schools play in transforming the legacy system of education to a learning focused system with the capacity to serve the needs of all students?

November 12, 2015  Personalized PD in the 21st Century: Driving Leading and Learning through Listening and Acting

  • Ann Ecker, Director of Instruction, School District of South Milwaukee
  • Essential Question: How do we listen and lead differently so that adult professional development impacts student achievement?

December 10, 2015 A New Look at Coaching: Using Coaching Skills as a Principal

  • Nancy Marsho, Leadership Coach and Trainer
  • Essential Question: How can a principal use coaching skills as a supervisor?

February 11, 2016   Narrowing the Generational Gap Among Educators to Maximize Staff Capacity

  • Michelle Garven, Superintendent Trevor Wilmot Consolidated School District
  • Mary Garcia-Velez, Principal Banting Elementary, Waukesha
  • Essential Question: How can school leaders create an understanding of the core values, work assets, and liabilities of different generational groups in order to create an effective learning community?

March 10, 2016       Collaborative Technology: Tools for Increased Administrative Efficiency

  •  Rick Seybold, Director of Technology Grafton School District
  • Essential Question: What apps could you use that would not only help you get your message out but also increases your ability to listen to others?

April 14, 2016         Current Issues in Educational Law: Latest Topics, Cases, and Real Issues

  • Gary Reusch, Buielow Vetter Team, Attorney of Education Law
  • Essential Question: Current Educational Law - What do we need to know?

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Please contact Patty Polczynski, Faculty Liaison, Principals' Center at Cardinal Stritch University at with any questions.