Mentor Training

The Mentor Professional Development Trainings(MPDTs) are foundational courses that were developed by the New Teacher Center. These courses are open to the general public in addition to SEWNTP Consortium members.

General Information

Open to SEWNTP Consortium and non-consortium members

  • The Mentor Professional Development Trainings (MPDTs) are foundational courses that were developed by the New Teacher Center.
  • See how the Mentor Professional Development Trainings align with PI 34
  • Intended Audience: Mentors, subject matter coaches, cooperating teachers, intern supervisors, principals, and administrators of induction programs that support beginning teachers.
  • Graduate Credit: For each MPDT graduate credit is available, more information will be provided at the workshop. Trainings that list a course number and graduate credit can be combined to earn a Mentoring/Coaching Certificate with the addition of ED 690: Understanding, Supporting, and Facilitating the Spirit of PI 34. 
  • Registration is due two weeks before the event. Enrollment is limited to 60 participants. 

The Dance County New Teacher Project (DCNTP) also offers Mentor Professional Development Trainings. Please see their website for more information.

2013-2014 MPDT Offerings

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Instructional Mentoring

(ED 642, 1 graduate credit)

This training focuses on the knowledge, skills, and understanding that are critical to those who work with beginning teachers. Participants learn how to create professional growth environments for new teachers grounded in the norms of continuous inquiry, ongoing assessment, and problem solving. The training is guided by the belief that learning to teach is a career-long, developmental process that involves a continuous cycle of planning, teaching, and reflecting.

Instructional Mentoring provides the foundation upon which all subsequent Mentor Professional Development Trainings are built, and it is a prerequisite for other trainings.

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Coaching & Observation Strategies

(ED 643, 1 graduate credit)

This coaching training focuses on the collection of observation data in relation to the Wisconsin Teacher Standards and on the ways in which data can be shared with the beginning teacher to improve instructional practice and consequently student achievement. Emphasis is placed on the language and behavior of support to develop a trusting relationship between mentor/coach and beginning teacher.

Prerequisite: Instructional Mentoring

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Analyzing Student Work to Guide Instruction

(ED 644, 1 or 2 graduate credits)

Mentors, according to PI 34, are to have input into formative assessment of initial educators. Mentors will learn how to work with initial educators as they examine student work and gather data. Mentors will be provided with a tool and strategies for helping beginning teacher identify student needs, plan for differentiated instruction, and ensure equitable learning outcomes. As a result of studying this information, new teachers learn to change their instruction through enhanced differentiation and keener lesson design.

Prerequisite: Instructional Mentoring

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Coaching in Complex Situations 

(ED 648, 1 graduate credit)

This one-day advanced coaching training focuses on supporting the mentor's professional development to coach strategically and to find solutions to challenging situations.

Prerequisites: Instructional Mentoring and Coaching & Observation Strategies

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Mentoring for Equity

(ED 646, 1 graduate credit)

This training, written and designed with Enid Lee, focuses on a framework for teaching for equitable outcomes and for mentoring beginning teachers from an equity perspective within the context of Professional Teaching Standards. Inequities regarding race, language, and culture in the classroom and school-wide will be addressed in this session. This training is guided by the belief that we must uncover and address the inequities in pedagogy, content, and climate in order to teach all students successfully.

Prerequisite: Instructional Mentoring

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Designing and Presenting Professional Development

(ED 645, 1 graduate credit)

This training focuses on the importance of professional development in moving beginning teacher practice forward. While it is acknowledged that one-on-one support coupled with formative assessment is the cornerstone of effective induction programs, new teachers can benefit from being brought together in meaningful and responsive learning experiences. A significant component of this training is the understanding of the fundamental principles of adult learning theory and the strategies that support adult learning.

Prerequisite: None

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