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SEWNTP 2014-2015 Events

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Support for 1st Year Beginning Teachers

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  • Community of Practice for New Educators Seminars (COP Seminar) and Brown Deer High School & Pewaukee High School


Support for 2nd and 3rd Year Teachers & Beyond

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  • Assessment Literacy & Standards Seminars


PI-34/PDP Support

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  • PI-34 Informational Overview
    • Note: Held immediately following the December COP Seminars at Pewaukee High School & Brown Deer High School
    • Consortium Only
    • Register Here
  • EDUC 584: Writing the PDP (Face to Face Class)
  • EDUC 584: Writing the PDP- ONLINE Workshop
    • June 2nd-July 11, 2014
    • Please call 414-410-4243 to register
  • Annual Review & Final PDP Requirements
  • ED690: Understanding, Supporting & Facilitating the Spirit of PI-34
    • * Required for the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate and PDP IHE Reviewer Status
    • Open to the General Public
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Mentor Professional Development Trainings

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  • Mentor Professional Development Trainings (MPDTs)- Developed by the New Teacher Center (NTC)
    • MPDTS include: Instructional Mentoring, Observing & Conferencing, Using Data to Inform Instruction, Designing Effective Instruction, Coaching in Complex Situations, Mentoring for Equity and Designing & Presenting Professional Development
    • Please click here to view the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate Transition Plan in light of the new NTC curriculum
    • Open to the General Public
    • Register Here
      • **As of 8/7/14, the following Mentor Trainings are open to Consortium members only
        • October 22 & 23 Instructional Mentoring
        • November 11 & 12 Observing & Conferencing

Ongoing Mentor Support

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  • Analyzing Student Work Mentor Forum
    • Consortium Only, unless enrolled in Using Data to Inform Instruction
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  • Mentor Refresher Day
  • Curriculum Update Forums


Educator Effectiveness Support

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  • Beyond Educator Effectiveness: Implementing a System of Evaluation, Supervision & Reflection that Supports Teacher Growth 
  • Educator Effectiveness support for Teachers