Early Childhood Bachelor Completion Program

Important Notice

As of spring 2015, we are no longer accepting new applications for this program. Review our list of degrees for another program within this college.

Are any of the courses offered online?


When and where are the courses offered?

All the courses for the Early Childhood Bachelor Completion program will be offered at our downtown City Center location with the exception of two summer courses that require the use of a lab. Those two courses will be held on the main campus. All the courses begin at 5 p.m. This program does not have any daytime courses.

Does the TEACH Early Childhood Wisconsin recognize this program?

Yes, but the student must work with TEACH to determine eligibility.

Do I have to have an associate degree in early childhood in order to be accepted into the program?

It is best if you do have an associate degree in early childhood. However, if you do not have an associate degree but have taken other credits in education at other institutions, we would review your transcripts to see if you have enough credits that apply toward the program.

If I have earned an associate degree in early childhood, how many of my credits will transfer to Cardinal Stritch University?

Our Early Childhood Bachelor Completion Program has an articulation agreement with all the Wisconsin technical colleges that will transfer 48 credits from the associate degree. Additional credits will be evaluated for possible course equivalencies and may waive select courses in the program.

What are the requirements for student teaching?

In order to student teach you have to pass the Core and Praxis II and the Wisconsin Foundation of Reading Test as well as pass all your courses.

At what point in the program do I have to pass the Core and Praxis II?

If you want to student teach and obtain your teaching license, you must have passed the Core and Praxis II by the end of your second year in the program. To find our more information about the Core and Praxis II tests, please visit www.ets.org.

Is there any support to help me prepare for the Core and Praxis II?

Yes. Throughout the program, we will be strengthening your reading, writing and math skills to prepare you for those tests.

Can I student teach at my current job?

In most cases, you will be able to student teach in your current place of employment. In order to do that, you must be working with students in the birth to 8 age range. If you are not the lead teacher in that classroom, then the lead teacher that you are working with must agree to allow you to take over the instruction for at least five weeks during your student teaching experience.

Since this program is a cohort model, what happens if I have to step out of the cohort for a semester?

Once students are accepted into the program, they are automatically registered for the entire three-year program. If something comes up and they have to step out, then they would have to join the next cohort when they return.

What if I am not working in an early childhood classroom when I apply to the program?

If you are not employed in an early childhood classroom, then we would find a non-paid placement for you with one of our partners. We always advise any candidates who are trying to enter our program to try to find a job at a day care center so that they can be compensated for their work as they go through the program. But we can help them find a non-paid placement until they are able to secure a job within an early childhood setting.