Program Format

Bachelor's Completion in Early Childhood Education

Important Notice

As of spring 2015, we are no longer accepting new applications for this program. Review our list of degrees for another program within this college.

The Early Childhood Bachelor Completion Program is geared toward current Early Childhood providers with Early Childhood Associate Degrees, who wish to obtain their Bachelor Degree and/or Teaching Certification in Early Childhood (birth through third grade).

Cohort Model

The Early Childhood Bachelor Completion Program operates in a cohort model. Each cohort begins in the fall and runs for three years. Courses are offered in the evening starting at 5 p.m. Students attend class two nights per week with a third night once a month.

Onsite Field Experience

On-the-job field experiences are completed every semester. The students apply university course content in their classrooms during the day. So, in addition to obtaining an undergraduate degree, the students also receive ongoing professional development to support them in their daily instruction.

Mentor Services

Another unique component of our program is that each student is assigned an experienced mentor who will accompany them throughout their three-year program. Through weekly visits, the mentor will provide modeling, support and encouragement to help the student grow into a seasoned teacher.

Integrated Courses

This program is unique in its design, whereby the courses within the semester are woven together to deliver integrated content. This content is applied in the student’s classroom with the children that they teach. Therefore, the course content is very relevant to the daily instruction that our students are delivering to their own students.