Curriculum Sequence

B.A. Secondary Education

The following section describes the course sequence for the four-year Bachelor of Arts program.

Year I

Semester 1
Semester II
ED100 FYE: Intro to Education Seminar (1) EDSED225 Intro to Inclusive Instruction and Assessment (4)
ED205 Diversity (3) EDSED317 Psych of Learning (3)

Year II

Semester I Semester II
PS 221 Adolescent Psych (3)EDSED275/EDSED 260/ED 255 Fundamentals of Inclusive Instruction and Assessment /Field 1/Portfolio 1 (4)
EDSED340 Management and Classroom Culture I (3)EDSED370 Management and Classroom Culture II (3)

Year III

Semester ISemester II
RLA 318 Content Area Literacy (4)EDSED 395/EDSED 360 Advanced Inclusive Instruction and Assessment/Field 2 (4)
RLA 345 Adolescent Literature (3) EDSED XXX Specific Content Area Methods (3)

Year IV

Semester ISemester II
ED490/ED 355 Teaching and Professionalism/Portfolio 2 (2)
Student Teaching (10)

ED495/ED 455 Student Teaching Seminar/Portfolio 3 (2)

*Please note: The undergraduate education program is currently undergoing a revision to be highly congruent with the Wisconsin Teacher Standards. Students currently in the program will be able to transition into the revised courses. A number of the courses are still being planned as the curriculum mapping for the elementary and secondary majors continues. The courses listed here are subject to change with this revision.