Curriculum Sequence

B.S. Elementary Education

The following section describes the course sequence for the four-year Bachelor of Science program.

Year I

Semester 1
Semester II
ED100 FYE: Intro to Education Seminar (1) EDSED225 Intro to Inclusive Instruction and Assessment (4)
ED205 Diversity (3)EDSED317 Psych of Learning (3)

Year II

Semester I Semester II
RLA 307 or 312 Literacy Block I (5)RLA 312 or 314 Literacy Block II (5)
EDSED340 Management and Classroom Culture I (3)EDSED370 Management and Classroom Culture II (3)

Year III

Semester ISemester II

EDSED275/EDSED 260/ED 255 Fundamentals of Inclusive Instruction and Assessment/Field 1/Portfolio 1 (4)

ED 315 Social Studies Methods (3)
ED 318 Fine Arts Methods (3)ED 313 Math Methods (3)
RLA 316 Middle School Literacy or
ED 312 Early Childhood (2)
ED 314 Science Methods (3)

Year IV

Semester ISemester II
EDSED 395/EDSED 360 Advanced Inclusive Instruction and Assessment/Field 2 (4)
Student Teaching (10)
ED490/ED 355 Teaching and Professionalism/Portfolio 2 (2)
(includes Benchmark II)
ED495/ED 455 Student Teaching Seminar/Portfolio 3 (2)

* Please note: The undergraduate education program is currently undergoing a revision to be highly congruent with the Wisconsin Teacher Standards. Students currently in the program will be able to transition into the revised courses. A number of the courses are still being planned as the curriculum mapping for the elementary and secondary majors continues. The courses listed here are subject to change with this revision.