Connections with the Doctoral Program

Students who complete the District Administrator Licensure program and who aspire to a doctoral degree, may transfer the 700-level credits into the Doctoral Program at Cardinal Stritch University, providing an efficient, dual use of the coursework. Note: Licensure Program students need to apply separately to the Doctoral Program and go through the selective admission process.

Doctoral students who want to achieve the District Administrator license need to complete ED 760, The Superintendency, ED 770, Economics and Finance, and the Practicum experience to be eligible for the license.


The District Administrator Licensure program uses the same grading assessments as the doctoral program. Students are assessed High Pass/Pass/Incomplete/Fail. For transcript purposes and translation to traditional grading scales, High Pass is equivalent to an A, Pass is equivalent to a B and Fail is equivalent to an F. The program uses rubrics based on course and program outcomes as assessment guides.