Doctorate in Special Education

The Doctorate in Special Education (Ph.D.) program is designed for leaders within the broad field of special education.

Apply Now to this ProgramThe Doctorate in Special Education (Ph.D.) program is designed for leaders within the broad field of special education.  It targets educational leadership practitioners, professional educators and researchers with a background and/or interest in Special Education Leadership.  With a focus on curriculum and instruction, special education and pupil service leadership, speech and language, and literacy, faculty members integrate their collective expertise in Special Education to merge best practices in Literacy, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Evidence Based Specialized Education Design and Interventions and Speech and Language Pathology in the design and delivery of this innovative program. This cutting-edge program breaks down the “theory to practice” divide by developing interdisciplinary leaders in and beyond the field of higher education. In addition, this program has an extended licensure option for students wishing to obtain their Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Administrative License (#80).