Degree Requirements

Reading Teacher Certification

Prerequisites and Program Sequence

There are no pre-requisites for the courses except for the final practicum, which requires completion of RL 560, RL 561, RL 562, RL 563. Therefore, students can enter the program at any point. Students can take 2 courses each semester if they wish. 


Coursework Requirements

The following courses comprise the 316 certification program:

  • RL560 - Language, Literacy, and Learning (12 weeks, 4 credits)
  • RL561 - Language, Literacy and Learning Within and Across the Disciplines (12weeks, 4 credits)
  • RL 562 - The Assessment and Instruction of Reading and Writers (12 weeks, 4 credits)
  • RL 563 - Meeting the Literacy Needs of Students at the Advanced and Developing Stages (12 weeks, 4 credits)
  • RL 565 Practicum (12 weeks, 4 credits) – This is the final course in the program.  It will be an internship in one or more of our literacy centers.

Literacy Center observation and practical application

For each course, Literacy Center observation and practical application is required.  These learning opportunities will be completed outside of scheduled class time. Scheduling and locations are flexible – Guidelines will be provided, but students will be responsible for making their own arrangements.


Certification Requirements: Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (FORT)

Any individual applying as of January 1st, 2014 for an initial license as a 316Reading Teacher or 17 Reading Teacher Specialist is required to take and pass the Wisconsin Reading Foundations Test.  Passing score is 240.

            The website includes all the practice testing materials, registration information, and policies needed to understand the Foundations of Reading Test.

*When you take the test, request that the score be set to Cardinal Stritch University