Program Format

Reading Teacher Certification

The 316 program consists of four courses which can be completed in any order, and a final practicum requirement consisting of an internship to be completed in one or more of Stritch’s Literacy Centers. 

  • RL 560 - Language, Literacy, and Learning (4 credits)
  • RL 561 - Language, Literacy and Learning Within and Across the Disciplines (4 credits)
  • RL 563 - Assessment and Instruction in Word Knowledge (2 credits)
  • RL 564 - Literary Assessment (2 credits)
  • RL 565 - Meeting the Literacy Needs of Students at the Advanced and Developing Stasges (4 credits)
  • RL 570 - Practicum (4 credits)

In addition, each course requires Literacy Center observation and practical application. These learning opportunities will be completed outside of scheduled class time. Scheduling and locations are flexible – Guidelines will be provided, but student will be responsible for making their own arrangements.

Students may take 2 courses during the same time.

No outside study team hours are required.

A current course schedule may be requested from Grad Admissions.