Admission Requirements

Important Notice As of spring

Important Notice

As of spring 2015, we are no longer accepting new applications for this program. Review our list of degrees for another program within this college.

To qualify for admission to the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Literacy and English as a Second Language program, you must have:

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university as verified by official transcripts.
  • A grade point average of a 2.75 on a 4.0 scale (probationary acceptance may be granted).
  • A valid Wisconsin teaching license, or written verification of past or present experiences in an education-related field (must have teaching license to be eligible for 316 and 395 DPI licenses).
  • Two attitude and disposition questionnaires completed by references.
  • Applicants educated outside of the U.S. must follow academic admission procedures relating to English ability and credential evaluation described on the International Admissions webpage.

Departmental Requirements

To qualify for enrollment in the program, you must submit proof of the following to the Literacy and Language Development department:

  • Access to English language learners either as a classroom teacher or by written permission from a school.
  • Evidence of second language study as described by one or more of the following:
    • Successful completion of two years of college-level foreign language study.
    • Successful completion of four years of high school-level foreign language study.
    • Concurrent enrollment in a foreign language component throughout the program.
    • Acquisition of a second language through personal experience (considered on an individual basis).