Program Format

Important Notice As of spring

Important Notice

As of spring 2015, we are no longer accepting new applications for this program. Review our list of degrees for another program within this college.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Literacy and English as a Second Language is offered in an accelerated cohort format, with program completion in approximately 30 months. It is designed for the working professional, with a three-hour class meeting one night per week along with flexible study group sessions. All programs involve practica experiences, whereby students apply what they have learned in their classroom, school, district, or the Cardinal Stritch University Reading/Learning Center.

Study Teams

Study teams are a requirement of our accelerated degree programs. The time spent in the study team meeting and attendance at the meeting must be carefully recorded on the study team log.

What is a study team?
While your instructor plans and facilitates your learning in weekly classes, it is the work of the study team that brings learning to life. It is a time to review class content, complete study team assignments, reflect upon new learning, and raise questions for discussion.

What are the advantages of a study team?
Working with colleagues to improve teaching and learning can be an extremely rewarding experience. Study teams form around interests and needs in order to encourage and support risk-taking, provide assistance in collaborating successfully to complete the program outcomes, and accomplish the specific objectives of each individual learning module.

How does a study team work?
Students form their own study team with a minimum of three and a maximum of six members. The team decides when and where to meet each week. Study teams meet for three to four hours per week, depending on program requirements. Each week, your instructor will assign your study team a task to complete. In addition, there are a variety of team building, reflecting, and problem-solving activities.