Certification/Degree Requirements - Elementary/Middle

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Teaching

Requirements for Elementary/Middle Certification Only

To be eligible for Wisconsin teacher certification, you must meet all of these program requirements:

  • Teaching methods courses in Stritch's 38 credit Master of Arts (M.A.) in Teaching program
  • Field experience placements totaling 100 hours over two semesters
  • One semester of student teaching, included in Stritch's 38 credit M.A. in Teaching program
  • Certifiable subject minor course work, if pursuing Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence (1-8) certification
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction General Education Requirements
    (undergraduate level courses from previous institutions may be used to satisfy these requirements):
    • Written Communication
    • Oral Communication
    • Mathematics
    • Biological Science
    • Physical Science
    • Literature/Humanities
    • General Psychology
    • Fine Arts/Humanities
    • Western World History
    • Non-Western World History
  • Passing scores on the Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), or passing score on the ACT, SAT, or GRE test (prior to program admission)
  • Passing score on the Praxis II (prior to student teaching)
  • Passing score on the Foundations of Reading Test (due prior to student teaching)

Required Courses for Early Childhood-Middle Childhood or Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Certification only

  • EMA 500 EC-MC & MC-EA Seminar I
  • EMA 511 EC-MCE & MC-EA Fundamentals of Instruction and Assessment
  • EMA 523 Pre-K-Primary Theories of Literacy and Learning
  • EMA 530 EC-MC & MC-EA Field Experience I
  • EMA 535 EC-MC & MC-EA Classroom Management and Cultural Diversity
  • EMA 543 EC-MC & MC-EA Math Methods
  • EMA 544 EC-MC & MC-EA Science Methods
  • EMA 546 EC-MC & MC-EA Social Studies Methods
  • EMA 547 EC-MC & MC-EA Fine Arts Methods
  • EMA 550 EC-MC & MC-EA Benchmark I
  • EMA 551 EC-MC & MC-EA Advanced Elementary/Middle Methods
  • EMA 563 Upper Elementary/Middle Literacy and Learning
  • EMA 570 EC-MC & MC-EA Field Experience II
  • EMA 575 EC-MC & MC-EA Advanced Classroom Management
  • EMA 580 EC-MC & MC-EA Seminar II
  • EMA 581 EC-MC & MC-EA Benchmark II
  • EMA 591 Student Teaching: Early Childhood-Middle Childhood OR EMA 592 Student Teaching: Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence
  • EMA 604 Professional Development Seminar

Requirements for Graduation with Master's Degree

To qualify for graduation from the M.A. in Teaching degree program, you must also have:

  • Earned the 38 credits required for certification, along with the eight credits listed below, within seven consecutive academic years
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 3.0, with no individual grade below a B-

Required Courses for Master's Degree

  • CED 549 Technology-Based Research and Statistics
  • EDM 624 Research Methodology
  • EDM 634 Action Research Application