Certification/Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urban Education

Requirements for Initial Teacher Certification

To be eligible for Wisconsin teacher certification, you must meet all of these program requirements:

  • General education coursework:
    • MUE 503 Methods for Early Childhood
    • MUE 515 Building Classroom Community
    • MUE 502 Assessment and Instruction in Mathematics
    • MUE 504 Assessment and Instruction in Fine Arts
    • MUE 583 Assessment and Instruction in Social Studies/Science
    • MUE 512 Language, Literacy, and Learning
    • MUE 514 Literacy and Learning in the Upper Grades
    • MUE 540 Seminar in Urban Education I
    • MUE 542 Seminar in Urban Education II
    • MUE 544 Seminar in Urban Education III
    • One semester of student teaching

  • Plus additional coursework for optional bilingual certification:
    • Bilingual Certification Only
      • MUE 594 Culture, Language and Education
      • MUE 596 Bilingual Methods and Assessment
      • Proof of oral and written language proficiency
      • Successful completion of bilingual portfolio

Certification requirements for Initial Teacher License

  • Complete and successfully pass a semester of student teaching
  • Successfully complete the Wisconsin Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)
  • Successfully complete a student teaching portfolio
  • For bilingual certification: Proof of language proficiency / bilingual portfolio

To be eligible for a Master Degree in Urban Education, you must meet all of these additional program requirements:

  • MUE 606 Introduction to Research
  • MUE 620 Action Research
  • Additional Bilingual Certification Master's Courses
    • MUE 592 Applied Linguistics
    • MUE590: History and Politics of Bilingual Education

Requirements for Graduation with Master's Degree

To qualify for graduation from the M.A. in Urban Education degree program, you must have:

  • Successfully complete certification requirements associated with initial teacher license
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 3.0, with no individual grade below a B-
  • Conduct and present an action research project
  • Obtain faculty recommendation for graduation
  • Complete all requirements for the master’s degree within seven consecutive academic years