RN to BSN Curriculum Design

Courses in the RN to BSN program are taught in blended, accelerated format to maximize flexibility for students. All courses are six weeks in length and either three or four credits. Students meet face-to-face for weeks one, three and six. Course work is online for weeks two, four and five. Each week includes four hours of structured collaborative learning community work time which can be completed online or in person. Courses are taught one course at a time throughout the year with short breaks. The length of the program is dependent upon the number of credits (nursing and non-nursing) that the student transfers into the program; the general length of the program is two years.

College Core Course Requirements

(Core courses are offered completely online)
(Many of these credits are earned through prior course work)

A. Effective Communication – Oral and Written
  • EN 102 Research Writing (3 cr.),or
  • CA 108 Interpersonal Communication (3 cr.)
B. Quantitative and Technological Literacy
  • MT 113 Applied Algebra for Health Sciences,or
  • MT 120 Applied Statistics (3 cr.)
C. Franciscan Heritage and Values/Local and Global Engagement
  • SEM 103 Stritch Seminar for Health Professionals (3 cr.)
D. Moral and Ethical Reasoning
  • PL 102 Introduction to Bioethics (recommended) (3 cr.)
E. Physical and Natural World
  • BL 111 Anatomy and Physiology I (4 cr.)
F. Human Societies
  • PS 190 Life-Span Human Development (3 cr.),or
  • HS 202 Modern Civilization 1850-Present (3 cr.) – This course also counts for cultural awareness
G. Spiritual Understanding
  • REL 104 World Religions (3 cr.)
H. Aesthetic Values (Expression)
  • MU 107 Survey of American Music (3 cr.)
I. Auxiliary Requirements
  • BL 202 Microbiology (3 cr.),or
  • BU 209 Healthcare Economics (3 cr.)
J. Prior ADN Coursework (34-48 cr.)

K. Arts & Sciences free electives (14-19 cr.)

Nursing Course Requirements

(Nursing courses are offered in blended format)

  • SEM 103: Stritch Seminar for Health Professionals (3 cr.)
  • NUR 310: Evidence Based Nursing Practice (3 cr.)
  • NUR 426: Leadership for Change (3 cr.)
  • Information Management and Health Care Technology (3 cr.)*
  • BU 209: Health Care Economics (3 cr.)
  • Promoting Optimum Health in Chronic Disease (3 cr.)*
  • NUR 300: Nutrition (3 cr.)
  • NUR 414: Holism and Diversity (3 cr.)
  • NUR 420: Population Focused Health (4 cr.)
  • NUR 430: Change Capstone (4 cr.)
  • Order may vary slightly
  • *Course number to be determined